New Homes Sales Hit 2-Year High: Perfect Time to Build a New Home
30 Nov 2012 Russell D. Busa

2012 has been a great year for the housing market and it has continued to show steady improvement thanks to consistent increases in new home sales, home prices and new home construction. 

How to Winterize Your Home
24 Oct 2012 Russell D. Busa

We thought we'd share this great article from this week's Boston Globe Magazine - enjoy!

How to winterize your home: A procrastinator’s manual with 8 tips. These measures — some finished in only a few minutes--will lower your heating bills and help prevent property damage. By Elizabeth Gehrman

Should You Move or Remodel? That is the question...
9 Oct 2012 Russell D. Busa

If you want to change your home, your other option besides remodeling is to find a new one. But more and more American families are deciding to stay put and improve their existing home. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, here are some of the reasons...

4 Steps to Prepare Your Garden for Winter
15 Sep 2012 Russell D. Busa

If there’s one more thing left on a gardener’s summer to-do list after Labor Day, it’s to prepare your garden for winter and the onset of cooler temperatures. The best way to ensure a fruitful garden in the spring is to take the proper steps now to winterize your garden and make sure it can withstand the upcoming weather.

A Homeowner's Work is Never Done: Fall Maintenance Checklist
4 Sep 2012 Russell D. Busa

With cooler temperatures, homeowners start to think about their home fall maintenance checklist. The season is a transition between summer and winter, and a few maintenance projects prepare your home for the upcoming months. From winterizing your pool to trimming dead tree branches, make time to protect your home.

Kitchen Functionality Questionnaire
2 Jul 2012 Russell D. Busa

When it comes to your kitchen, what type of "user" are you? Are you an aspiring chef or a take-out queen? Do you have young children in your house? What about pets? What tasks do you use your kitchen for besides cooking (i.e. homework, bill paying, internet surfing, etc.)? Answering these questions will help inform your kitchen design. Use this functionality questionnaire to help you define your needs.

Keep Dad in Mind When Searching for Your New Home
5 Jun 2012 Russell D. Busa

As Father's Day approaches, we wanted to be sure to remember dear old Dad. We talk an awful lot about the great kitchens, terrific school systems and family-friendly amenities that are important when selecting a new home, but when you’re searching for new custom built homes in the Greater Boston area, remember to keep Dad in mind, too.

New Home Construction: Budgeting for Furniture and Tools
22 May 2012 Russell D. Busa

Most new homeowners are so preoccupied with building their new home that they forget to make room in their budget for things like furniture, DIY home tools, and gardening equipment. One of the advantages of building a new home is that it usually does not need repairs for years. However, most first time homeowners will need tools and furniture to enjoy their new home. These items can cost thousands of dollars. Here are a few tips to take the sting out of the little extras that go along with new home ownership.

5 Popular Home Designs for 2012
15 May 2012 Russell D. Busa

As the economy continues to recover, one place that people seem comfortable spending is on their homes — after all, money you put into home improvement is essentially an investment rather than an expense. This year we’ve seen a few new trends in home design.

Spring Home Care Tips
23 Apr 2012 Russell D. Busa

You’ve turned your clocks forward, so that means it’s time to take advantage of the extra sunshine and warmer temperatures, and give your home the TLC it’s been missing over the winter months. Before the spring rains, warmer weather and bugs hit, there are a few easy things you should do for your Greater Boston area home to keep it energy efficient and performing at and looking its best. As a top Boston home builder, we know just what you need to do to keep your home in tip top shape, and we’ve offered some suggestions below:

11 Things Every Kitchen Should Have
2 Apr 2012 Russell D. Busa

Updating your kitchen? House Beautiful asked designer Mick De Giulio — who designed his first kitchen when he was 19 and has 3,000 projects under his belt — to give them a list of what he thinks are the essentials. We reposted this article, as we thought this was great food for thought. Check it out!

Replacing Doors: Homeowner’s Top 5 Questions
30 Jan 2012 Russell D. Busa

In addition to windows, replacing your homes’ doors is one of the best home improvements you can do. Replacing doors can add value to your home, increase curb appeal, and saves you financially on heating and cooling costs. More importantly, doors provide necessary security and, in turn, make your home comfortable for you to live.

Choosing the right door can be an overwhelming process once you have decided that a new door is needed. Here are answers to the top five question regarding replacing doors.

Kitchen Budgeting Tool
11 Jan 2012 Russell D. Busa

The big question on everyone’s mind before a kitchen remodeling or renovation project is “how much is this going to cost me?” This Kitchen Budgeting Tool can help.