Design Decisions!
16 Sep 2016 Russ Busa

There are myriad decisions to make when building your dream home – literally hundreds of questions that you will need to answer before you are ready to move in. Top of mind for most people is what type of tile they are going to put into their bathrooms or their kitchen cabinet and counter choices, but there are many more options to consider – from exterior paint color to bathroom mirrors. Click here to learn more and get Sterling Home’s Design Checklist.

Innovative building technology products
21 Jul 2016 Russ Busa

Technology isn’t just for electronics – the building industry is constantly innovating to create energy-efficient and low-maintenance products for today’s state-of-the-art homes. From low-maintenance siding and trim products to the newest thinking in home weatherization, here are just a few of the innovations available to builders to make your new home the best it can be.

Construction Financing Demystified
11 Jul 2016 Russ Busa

Most people are familiar with mortgages and understand the mechanics of how you purchase a home with a long-term loan secured by the house as collateral. But how does financing work when you want to build a new home? Let’s dig in.

New project: Modular Colonial Home in Lexington, MA
6 Jul 2016 Russ Busa

This young family of four was living in a 2 bedroom, 1 ½ bath on this same lot in Lexington, MA. They loved their neighborhood, but were simply outgrowing the space. They wanted a master suite, a bedroom for each of their two children, as well as space for entertaining and a play space for the kids.

Before you Build: 5 Steps to Building your New Home - Step 5, Obtain Estimate & Contract
26 Jun 2016 Russ Busa

The last step in preparing to build your custom home is to obtain a cost estimate and sign a contract. To find out what the average price is for a project, most homeowners opt to get at least three quotes from different builders. Bids are complicated and time consuming for the builder, so it is important to only request bids from companies with whom you have a good rapport, have heard good things about and are serious about doing business with. To get tight bids that you can really compare, you must have clear directions and a goal so each contractor is bidding on the same thing.You must compare apples with apples.

Before you Build: 5 Steps to Building your New Home - Step 4, Create your Plan
20 Jun 2016 Russ Busa

When it comes time to develop the plan for a custom home, many of our clients come to us and ask – do I really need an architect? The answer is – probably. A custom-designed home is created specifically for the family who will live there. In most cases, custom-designed homes require the services of a licensed architect.

Before you Build: 5 Steps to Building your New Home - Step 3, Choose Your Team
13 Jun 2016 Russ Busa

You'll need a team of experts to design and construct your house. Key players will include a builder, an excavator, a surveyor and a home designer or an architect. Many homeowners begin by selecting the builder or contractor. That professional then selects other members of the team. However, you may also opt to hire an architect or designer first (more on this in Step 4!).

Before you Build: 5 Steps to Building your New Home - Step 2, Choose Your Lot
30 May 2016 Russ Busa

Last week we talked about the importance of planning your home building budget. This week we will dive into the next important step to building your new home: choosing your lot.

Before you Build – 5 Steps to Building your New Home
30 May 2016 Russell D. Busa

Building a new home begins long before the foundation is poured. To help you avoid costly mistakes during the construction process, we’ve identified five important steps you should know about before you build. I’ve presented this topic in the past and it is always well-received by audiences that are looking for guidance on this sometimes overwhelming process. Over the next five weeks, we will highlight a new step in the process and hope it is helpful to you as you think about building your new home.

Another satisfied customer!
29 Mar 2016 Russell D. Busa

At Sterling Homes, we take pride in the quality of our homes and our collaboration with our clients. Part of our process is to solicit feedback from clients throughout the build, and once the job is complete. We recently completed a home in Lexington, MA and thought we would share some of the highlights from the customer feedback. Also, check back this summer for photos of this gorgeous new home!

13 Mistakes Not to Make if You Ever Want to Sell Your Home
25 Feb 2016 Russ Busa

If you are getting ready to build, chances are you have a property to sell. Spring is a popular time to put your house on the market. But before you do, check out the following post from Bob Vila's blog with some great preparation tips. 


Winter home maintainance tips
28 Jan 2016 Russell D. Busa

Preparing your home for winter is an important annual ritual for homeowners. For instance, did you know that adding insulation in your attic before winter arrives can help prevent ice dams this winter? And do not forget that tuning up your heating system now can help prevent more costly emergency repairs at the height of a storm, when it can be difficult to find supplies and licensed contractors. The following winter maintenance tips can help you prepare your home to withstand another cold season.

Your January Home Checklist
8 Jan 2016 Russ Busa

Make your home (and yourself) healthier while you nestle in and get inspired for the coming year. Check out Houzz's list of 15 things do do around the home in January.