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Kitchen Functionality Questionnaire

Kitchen Functionality Questionnaire
Kitchen Functionality Questionnaire
July 2, 2012 Russ Busa

When it comes to your kitchen, what type of "user" are you? Are you an aspiring chef or a take-out queen? Do you have young children in your house? What about pets? What tasks do you use your kitchen for besides cooking (i.e. homework, bill paying, internet surfing, etc.)? Answering these questions will help inform your kitchen design. Use this functionality questionnaire to help you define your needs.

Think about layout and features in the context of your lifestyle:

How big is your family?

  • How many kids? How many adults? Any pets to consider?
  • How much “stuff” will the cabinets need to house? Two full sets of tableware and flatware?
  • Do you have small children and need extra storage for all of the kid paraphernalia - bottles, cups, bowls, etc.

Are you a cook or a take-out queen?

  • What types of appliances will the kitchen need to accommodate (ie. double ovens, professional range, etc)
  • Do you buy food in bulk; how much pantry space do you need?

Do you entertain a lot?

  • Everyone always ends up in the kitchen at a party! Do you have adequate seating and space for guests?
  • Should you consider an island with counter-height or bar-height stools?
  • Do you want an open concept kitchen that flows into other areas of the house?

 Reflect on what you love and hate about your current kitchen and note this for your design meetings.