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Safety First…Your Home Fireplace
December 13, 2011 Russ Busa

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." There’s something extra special about a fireplace. It doesn’t matter if it’s wood-burning, gas or electric, a fireplace adds ambiance to your home especially during the winter.

Whether you have already lit your first fire of the season or not, here are a few important fireplace safety tips to remember:

Winter is Coming. Can Your Roof Handle the Pressure?!
November 9, 2011 Russ Busa

The October snowstorm has got all Greater Boston residents thinking of the long months ahead. Before winter really sets in, you should evaluate the condition of your roofing to determine if it can handle the pressure!

Don't Get Left Out in the Cold!
November 2, 2011 Russ Busa

So the October Nor-Easter left a lot of us without power, cable, and all the creature comforts! To be ready next time, take a look at the following tips to “weather the storm”!  Also, check with your insurance provider about coverage on storm damage. This USAA site provides some good info on typical coverage.

Thought-starters For Your Kitchen Remodel
October 12, 2011 Russ Busa

Many of our customers come to us wanting to remodel their outdated kitchens. Here are some important considerations to think about before you take on this type of project.

Increase Storage by Adding an Island to Your Kitchen
August 31, 2011 Russ Busa

If you’re looking to do a kitchen remodel and want that designer look and feel – not to mention the added bonus of extra storage space – then it’s time to add a gorgeous island to your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Traditional vs. Contemporary Kitchen Design
August 22, 2011 Russ Busa

When it comes to kitchen remodeling ideas, the choices can often seem overwhelming.  However, working your way through these choices boils down to a deceptively simple question: Do you prefer traditional or contemporary kitchen designs?

15 Tips for Securing Your Home Before A Vacation
August 8, 2011 Russ Busa

August is here, and some of the Sterling Homes team will be heading off on summer vacation. That got us thinking… Whether you are still trying to sneak in a summer getaway, or going away later in the year, home security is always an important consideration.

About Boston Builder Blog
May 19, 2011 Russ Busa

Boston Builder Blog is a forum for Sterling Homes to share information with homeowners and folks who are considering building a custom home. We will post advice on building a home, tips for home maintenance, news, events, articles, info on green building and more.