Upgrading your bathroom is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Even so, bathroom remodeling can sometimes be challenging whenever there is a limited amount of space available to work with. Small bathrooms do not have to be dull and boring, as there are a number of practical ideas you can use in order to make the most of this space.

Bathtubs and Showers
Some bathrooms are little more than wide hallways, making it difficult to place a bathtub in them. In this instance, you may want to forgo the tub idea and invest in a custom shower. Chances are if you are trying to squeeze a tub into a bathroom that doesn’t already have one, you probably have a tub in another bathroom. Unless you have small children, the majority of people will shower over taking a bath. Custom showers may be built to fit in any space maximizing the limited area available.

When it comes to cabinetry you have options. Here at Sterling Homes, we will listen to your needs and help you determine what design is best for you and your family. From large vanities with linen towers to small vanities with drawers in lieu of doors. Medicine cabinets, shallow wall cabinets and toilet toppers provide much needed additional storage.

Yes, even your choice of toilet can make a difference in how large your small bathroom feels. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, you may want to consider an oblong toilet rather than a traditional round one.

Storage is always a primary concern in any small bathroom. One way to increase your storage space is to utilize the area between your wall studs. If you have a section of wall with nothing on it, your contractor may be able to build a niche between the studs. You’ll just need to make sure there are no electrical wires running through that section of wall first. Narrow shelves could also be built next to your toilet, extending from floor to ceiling and providing you with space to store toiletries, tissue and other commonly-used items.
If you have a limited amount of floor space, cabinets or shelves that extend close to the ceiling could be ideal in your bathroom. Tall storage units help to visually expand the height of your room, thereby making it feel larger than what it actually is. Keep in mind that open shelving provides the illusion of space more so than cabinets do, and are preferred whenever there is limited space in which to open and close doors.

Lighting up your Space
Even the very best design won’t do much to enhance a small bathroom if it is extremely dark. For this reason, you should plan for your space to be light and lively by:
•Using light colors for your walls, floors, ceilings and countertops
•Installing a skylight
•Replacing windows containing frosted panes for ones with regular panes that allow more light in
•Hanging mirrors along one wall

These are just a few design ideas you can use in order to help you avoid feeling cramped in your small bathroom. See pictures of past remodeling jobs, or to get even more ideas, contact us today for a free estimate.