The season's heavy rain has got all Greater Boston residents thinking of the long months ahead. Before winter really sets in, you should evaluate the condition of your roofing to determine if it can handle the pressure!

If you’re unsure of what to look for, you may want to engage a professional to inspect your home's exterior. As the wind and sun have beaten down on the roof throughout the year there is a chance that shingles have warped of been loosened by the inclement weather. With the ice and snow that is bound to collect in gutters and rest on your roof, this does not make for a good combination.

A small roofing problem left undetected and unattended can lead to thousands of dollars in damage to a home. As water is allowed to creep under the damaged shingles, it can work its way down into the attic and through the walls before being detected by the owner of the house. At this point the decay and mildew that is created will take a larger amount of money to repair than a simple replacement and patch job that is done by a roofing specialist.

After last season's tough winter, you shouldn’t delay. We hopefully will have another month to 6 weeks before the snow starts to really fly! You can stay warm and dry throughout the season by protecting your house now.

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